Tag: music

  • New year, new meow! 😼

    Year 2024 will be a catsynth year. A lot of new ideas in my head for purr catwave music! Stay tuned.

  • Retrowave Cat Album

    Retrowave Cat Album is a musical journey to the synthwave era of the 80s. 13 tracks inspired by a retrowave cat will transport you to unique and magical world of chilling vibes. If you would like to listen to 1 hour mix instead of separate tracks, here you go!

  • Zaśpiewaj dziś ze mną…

    What am I doing after work? 🤔 Sing with me today… a simple disco-style song whose lyrics encourage fulfilling dreams. 😇 They say that music is good for everything, so I came up with a melody, wrote the lyrics, and created the music. In the comfort of my home, after work, I tinkered and fiddled.…