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About Me

​I was born on the 28th of April 1990 and raised in a musical family, in Szczecin (Poland).

I started musical education in 1997 where I began to learn music in Primary Musical School in Szczecin. Went through all levels of musical education graduating from Academy of Music in Poznan, Poland in 2014 holding a Master of Art diploma in Composition faculty.

I am creating music in two ways: writing musical scores in a traditional way and producing electronic tracks. My music has been performed in various concerts in Poland, e.g. Poznan Music Spring Festival. I enjoy making soundtracks for animations / games and participating also in composers’ competitions.

I like to record sounds, so on my trips I always take the sound recorder with me, collecting sound memories and creating a sound diary. I like to transform recorded sounds using virtual effects and then to use them for my tracks. I am active on social media, where I’m sharing my music and sound recordings.

There is no one style in my music, I just love to experiment and to create various kinds of pieces, starting from classical ones, through pop and disco, deep, ambient relaxation music, finishing with ASMR sounds, I am creating my music mostly digitally, but sometimes also in an old fashioned way, creating musical sheets. 

As a hobby I am being an extra various projcets, e.g. I have participated in Szczecin is happy or had a short episode in the well known polish sitcom Sędzia Anna Maria Wesołowska.

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